the girl behind the camera

Im Kareya and I'm Lover of seeing the world, Sour patch kids and all things creative.

Im here to capture that forever Eva type love, Whatever that may look like for you.

love is my thing. I thrive for you to look at your photos and say "that's so us"

"omg we look so good together"

. When your cake is gone, your make up has been wiped, you took down your hair and hung up your dress, that love is what's left. Your love now has a forever home. ones you'll look back on and feel all the feels all over again. Watching you being effortlessly in love in front of my camera is the best.

Lets laugh, cry and pop champagne together!

lets get social

what im all about

Im much more than your photographer, Im your hype woman, Dress carrier, and friend. Every Moment leading up to your wedding im there! when it comes to your day, You live in the moment, Illl handle the rest. What you invest in me, ill invest back into you 10x.