Its not an elopement.

Sarah made one thing clear to me when we met, the word elopement was gross to her. SO we used secret wedding and honestly, that sounds so boujie.


Can we start with the date? How beautiful they did EXACTLY what they wanted, where they wanted, on the date they wanted.

to start their wedding week off right, we met for their engagement session the night before. The Water was Perfect. The sunset was the fiery, Yet so serene at the same time. Everything was Soaked in pure gold.

Wedding day started with a 2 mile boat ride over to their secret wedding destination, just off Anna Maria island. We grabbed all we could off the boat, loaded into a back pack and walked to shore waist deep in the ocean.

As untraditional as this is, they still did the important things. shared a first look, said their own vows (the Vow book was washed away by the ocean), exchanged rings, tears and a Kiss. Now what's a wedding without a first dance? The witnessing boat near by decided to play a song just for them to sway to. I think even the ocean was cheering.

As they loved on each other and I took photos of them so effortlessly in the moment, the sun began to set. The boat was loaded and we watched the little island get tinier and tinier. Rumor has it, it was the best day yet.